Flyer Ideas

To help all girls who are trying to get their business going here is a post about making flyers!

First off, make sure people can read it when they are in their car. I make my flyers say “BABYSITTER” in big, bold letters, so if they’re interested they’ll stop and look.

Supply information that parents will be inerested in like if you’re experienced, your age, and your phone number so they can call you if they want you to babysit their kids!

Parents are encouraged to let you babysit if you have a reference. A reference is someone who knows how good you are at babysitting. You could ask your current client’s mother if she would be okay with you putting her first name and number on your flyer as a reference. Id you don’t have a client yet ask someone that knows you and knows how good you are with children, like maybe the teacher in the church nursery that you help out.

Here is an example of a flyer:


I am 12 years old and I love little ones!


  • I work at the church nursery twice a week with kids from ages 2 through 4
  • I already babysit 3 kids, two 3 year olds and a 1 year old
  • REFERENCE NUMBER: Kara Phelan 631-2345
  • Call me, Abby Wilson at: 779-1634
  • E-mail me at:


Fun Activities to do with the kids you babysit!

It is around Christmas time and you are about to be off for a winter vacation with your family but you want to do something special with the kids you babysit before you leave. Well here are some great ideas to help you decide what you will do with Kailey, Kiley, and Kelley- the triplets, before you leave!

Make a gingerbread man: Use this print out coloring page and bring crayons and color it in and you could put the gingerbreads in the window or punch a hole at the top and thread a string through and hang it on their Christmas tree!

Apron Fun: Buy some aprons for you and however many children you babysit that are old enough to paint. They should be blank and any color- you can get some at your local craft store. Make sure you have paint, paint brushes, and either newspaper or some old towels to lay up under you (Or just go outside to do this craft)! Show the children how to paint pictures and letters on the apron. When you are done you can add sequins or sparkles on the wet paint. Then lay the out to dry!

Pom-pom Snowmen: *This craft is for ages 5+* What you need:

  • Needle
  • Thread
  • White pom-poms in 2 sizes: 1-1/2 inches and 1 inch
  • Colored felt
  • 1/4-inch jump rings
  • Glue
  • Orange felt
  • Black fabric paint
  • Yarn
  • String

1.For each “snowman”, thread a needle with a 2-foot length of thread, then double it and knot the end. For the snowman’s body and head, pass the needle through the centers of 3 white pom-poms: first a 1-1⁄2-inch pom-pom, then two 1-inch pom-poms.

2.To add a hat, sew through the centers of a 1-1⁄2-inch circle of colored felt and a matching 1-inch pom-pom. Slip the needle through a 1⁄4-inch jump ring (found in the beading aisle of craft stores), then secure the snowman by scrunching the parts together slightly and sewing back through the hat and the head. Tie the thread to itself between the two 1-inch white pom-poms and trim any excess.

3.Glue on a small orange felt triangle for a nose and add dots of black fabric paint for a face and buttons. Finally, tie on a yarn scarf and a loop of string for a hanger. I did not make up this craft. It belongs to

I hope you enjoy these crafts and have fun with the children you babysit! Enjoy!

How to Deal With…Part 2

~To read part 1 of “How to Deal With” click HERE~

You’re baby sitting for little Kenra, a 3-year-old girl who’s new at the church.  You’ve seen her in the nursery and have never gotten the chance to play or get to know her. Why? Because Kenra is super shy, constantly afraid, and never plays with the kids, nevertheless you, who stands twice her size. And now her mom asks you to babysit when she sees your flyers at the front desk. How are you going to get through to Kenra?
How to fix it: There’s no need to worry. If you give her time and space, Kenra will start to open up. Accept the job. When you first arrive at Kenra’s house, she may try to run away or hide from you at first. You may feel she dislikes you, but likely she’s just scared or really shy. Let her mom know that you are fine staying with her (she may notice you feel uneasy). Once the mother leaves, go get Kenra. Invite her to sit in your lap or ask her if she would like to be held (this makes a child feel comfortable and safe) or offer a hug. She may or may not accept, but if she doesn’t don’t worry. Stay by her side, no matter where she goes or tries to escape, letting her know that your there for her. Every once in while, keep offering hugs or being held. Constantly offer toys to play with. If you are baby sitting other children, don’t forget about them, but always keep an eye on Kenra. But- let’s face it. Kenra needs her own space. Don’t crowd around her for long periods of time- it will only scare her more. But you need to keep an eye on her. If she’s curled up in the corner of the living room, make a place on the couch and watch some tv. Pretend like you don’t know Kenra’s there. Maybe eventually, she’ll come and sit by you! *information based on the own experiences and knowledge of the babysitters here at BSB. Written by Madeline.

You’re baby-siting 2-year-old Gabe.  He’s cute, friendly, happy and your favorite client. That’s when a stench fills the air. You recognize the awful scent—and it’s not just gas. Gabe pooped. And you’ve never changed a diaper.
How to fix it: Don’t panic–but you can’t leave Gabe with a poopy diaper for another hour and a half. Walk up to him and ask him calmly, “Did you make a poopy?” Make sure you don’t sound threatening–let him know it’s OK if he did. Most of the time, kids will respond “yes” when asked this question and they know it. Pat him bottom just to make sure that it’s poop. When you know, bring him to the changing table and pull off his pants. Never leave a child alone at the changing table: he could roll and fall off! Make sure you have all of the supplies needed before starting. For instructions written by our Bungaloo Babysitter Abby, click HERE. If it helps, bring along a printed copy of the instructions if you are baby-sitting a child with diapers.
NOTE: If the child is old enough to use the toilet (usually 2 or 3 years old) and wants to try, let him/her. If it’s a boy, help him aim and if it’s a girl, she may need help being lifted up onto the toilet seat. Lots of kids use training toilets around this age; ask a parent about these. If a child successfully “goes” on the toilet, congratulate him and reward him with a treat. If he didn’t go but sat on the toilet, congratulate him for trying.
*information based on the own experiences and knowledge of the babysitters here at BSB. Written by Madeline.

You are baby-sitting Amelia, a 4 year old girl whom you’ve just started baby-sitting. It’s your second time, and in the middle of putting together a puzzle with her and her brother, she complains she is hungry. You’ve never had to feed her before, and your stumped. Her twin brother agrees, and now you face having to feed some hungry twins. But what, especially since you don’t know about allergies.
How to fix it: A lot of times, parents won’t keep food in the house that their child can’t eat, but to be on the safe side, ask the child’s parents about allergies. Then ask them what to do if a child complains that she is hungry. If the parents say to not let the child have food, then tell the child, “It’s not time to eat just yet. Later you’ll have dinner with your mommy and daddy.” If the parents say to feed the child if they ask, ask what would be some appropriate snacks. They may give you a list of foods, or say, “Whatever in the pantry is fine”. Even if they say this, it’s not professional to feed the kids junk food. Look for healthier foods, such as fruit, turkey on a small bagel, peanut butter and jelly, yogurt, etc. Make it fun, like cutting bread into shapes, or letting the child help you make a delicious fruit salad. For a treat, add a cookie or a small scoop of ice cream. The parents will be happy that you chose healthy choices for the child.
*NOTE: It’s important to ask the parents about serving sweets to the child or giving them candy. This is great, especially when the child deserves a treat, but make sure the parents are OK with it.
*information based on the own experiences and knowledge of the babysitters here at BSB. Written by Madeline.

POLL: What would you do?

*we, here at BSB, do not own pictures above. no copyright intended. credits to google.

How To Properly Change a Diaper~By Abby

You are babysitting a baby or a young toddler and they smell bad! Little Asher the 2 year old boy you babysit asks for his diaper to be changed. You are grossed out! You have never changed a diaper before. Don’t worry! This is your guide to help you change a diaper! (With footnotes at the end) A good way to practice is by using a doll and doing the same process.

Step 1: Gather all your supplies* first so you don’t leave the baby on the changing table* to get something

Step 2: Set him on the changing table and be careful to make sure he is on his back. If you are changing a boys’ diaper you can put a clean cloth or wipe over his private part just in case he decides to potty right then and there! There are also various things such as “Tee-pees” or “Sprinkler Covers” to use, such as these:

Step 3: Open up the new diaper and set it near by.

Step 4: Open up the dirty diaper.* Gather his legs and prop his bottom up. Take a wipe and wipe front to back very gentle.

Step 5: After a wipe is used up and there still is more poop use one more- feel free to use as many as needed. Remember- front to back.

Step 6: When you are done, rub some baby lotion. When the bottom is clean, take the new diaper and tuck the back of the diaper (usually without a picture on it) up under his bottom. The back of his diaper should have one sticky tape like end on each side to stick on the front of the diaper.

Step 7: After you are all done make sure to put his pants back on.


Supplies: Wipes, baby lotion, and a clean diaper.

Changing table: NEVER leave a baby alone on the changing table- he/she could roll and fall off!

Dirty Diaper: Keep the diaper up under him while you wipe him and prop him up so if any poop falls off his bottom, it will go straight into the dirty diaper.

If the child you babysit wants to go potty let him try! Encourage him on the potty and point out things in the bathroom like the wallpaper might have fishes on them. You could read him/her a book why they attempt to go potty. If he can’t go potty tell him that’s okay and that he can try another time. Give him a sticker or a small treat like chocolate (be sure to ask the parents if he can have sweets) for trying. If he did go potty praise him and clap and make sure he feels happy about himself. Give him a treat and make sure to tell the parents about what a good job he did! You can also try to teach him how to flush the toilet and wash his hands after!

*we do not own picture. no copyright intended. credits to google

How to Deal With…. Part 1

She hates me. He won’t stop crying. She’s way too shy. He pooped. She wants food. Here’s your guide of how to deal with Little Miss Tantrum and her friends. 
You babysit 5-year-old Karrie, a cute kindergartener who’s mom is friends with your mom. When Karrie’s mom asks you to babysit, you are excited. Until she leaves and you find out Karrie is a little ball of anger. She acts rude and throws temper tantrums as soon as her mom leaves. And when you say it’s time to clean up her toys, she says she hates you.
How to fix it: There’s no saying Karrie really hates you. It’s clear she has a bad temper, but don’t let that get in the way. Sometimes kids say mean things and act bad to see how you’ll react, not because they mean it. But they’ll usually calm down and do what you ask. Reply calmly, “I’m sorry you feel that way. But you still have to clean up your toys.” What if she replies, “I’m NOT cleaning up my toys, and you can’t make me!” You could say, “I can’t make you, and I’m not going to try. But if you don’t clean up, I won’t have time to read you a story because I’ll be too busy cleaning up your toys. And I’ll have to tell your parents what happened.” You need to show the child that their behavior has consequences. What if she throws a temper tantrum? “I’m NOT cleaning up my toys!!! No! No! No! No! No!” You say: nothing. You don’t want to keep the tantrum going. Stay near her but let her cry. She will eventually start to calm down and do what you ask. Sometimes silence works best. Kids try tantrums to see what you’ll do. But what if you really feel that a child REALLY doesn’t like you? Let the parents know. Say, “I’m sorry, but I don’t think Karrie and I are a good fit.” and explain why you think so. They’ll understand.
*based on “The Babysitter’s Handbook” by Harriet Brown/American Girl. No copyright intended.

Mrs. Gonzalez, a teacher at your school, has asked you to babysit her son Henry, age 2. Henry is sweet and adorable, and you say yes. He’s cheery while his mother is at home, but once she walks out the door, he bursts into tears and won’t stop! What do you do?
How to fix it: Take a deep breath. The tears have nothing to do with you. It’s normal for kids—especially ones five and under—to get upset when their parents leave. With your help, most kids will cheer up pretty quickly once their parents are gone. Here’s what to do: Reassure them…Remind the child that his parents will be back in a little while. He may feel for the first minute or two that his parents will be gone forever. Just hearing the words, “Don’t worry, Mommy and Daddy will come home later” help more than you think. Make up a little song to sing with them “Mommy goes away, mommy comes back! Daddy goes away, daddy comes back!” It can really help. Then…Distract them….Offer a hug or a colorful band-aid…settle the child in your lap with a good kid’s book….put on some music and dance around with the child….offer a small treat like a cookie (with parent’s permission)…ask to see the child’s room or his toys….pull out some toys you brought along, like a stuffed animal or a puppet…ask about pets….put on a video or a television show appropriate for their age….pull out a pack of crayons and color….say, “Whatever you do, don’t smile!” But, What if the crying never stops? You’ve tried EVERYTHING, but the tears keep coming. You’ve checked the diaper, looked for boo-boos, tried to entertain them, fed them if asked….but it’s going nowhere. Babies and toddlers can’t tell you if their sick and in pain. Call the parents right away. No one will get angry. They will understand.
*based on “The Babysitter’s Handbook” by Harriet Brown/American Girl. No copyright intended.


*we, here at BSB, do not own pictures above. no copyright intended. credits go to google.

Tips on problems you might come across while babysitting and ways to solve them!

If your babysitting job isn’t quite all that you expected- you’re not the only one, a lot of girls have trouble with the kids or their parents- even me!

I babysit a french family and their mother has been giving me low pay and some how gets away with it everytime! She doesn’t pay the right amount. I work very hard for this job! This has been going on for quite some time now. If you are having this same problem I know that you are stuck in between a very hard decision. The kids I babysit LOVE me but their mom doesn’t pay. Stay with it though! As you keep on babysitting the parents will notice how good you really are with kids and start to really respect you and pay you more. It might seem like it’s never going to happen but it really is trust me! If you really think you just can’t do the job anymore talk to your mom or dad about how you feel. They might say that you can take a little break for a while and then go back ready to take charge!

Oh-no! Baby is choking!

You are babysitting a baby and he starts to choke on something small for instance a raisin. Here is a step by step way to get that raisin out!!!

1. Call 911 immediately. Then call the child’s parents to let them know what is happening. Lay the baby on his back, feet facing you

2. Place your pointer and middle finger together between his two nipples. Make sure you feel the tip of the sternum bone BEFORE starting

3. Press upward with a quick thrust. Make sure not to harm the baby’s ribcage.

4. Be gentle. Don’t press too hard.

5. Repeat until object is out. If it still hasn’t come out soon enough and you can tell he is not breathing call 911 immediately.

*Never slap the victim’s back! If they are coughing- let them cough, their body is trying to push the object out.*

*Ways to avoid choking: Keep small food away. Cut big pieces into bite size bits. Keep small parts and other non-edible things off the floor where the baby crawls.*

Any other problems you want us to answer? Email


My First Babysitting Job! ~ by Madi

Hi! So, yesterday I had m very first babysitting job! Well, actually a mother’s helper job because the parents were home, off doing their own thing. This day was going to be what you might call a practice for me since it was my very first time with someone other than my own brother. It was for an absolute sweetie named Gigi and her two brothers, Charlie and Fred who were also so cute! Gigi is 3 and very bouncy, and I know her from church as our moms are friends. I’ve been working with her at the nursery, so she’s comfortable with me. I walked in and Gigi, dressed in adorable clothes, was pushing her baby doll in a stroller. I said “Hi!” and she replied “Hi!” and very soon she explained to me that her baby was wearing a dress she had when she was a “little tiny baby”. 😉 After she gave me a complimentary tour of her house, showing me all her favorite secret places to keep her toys and introducing me to her dog Toby, she showed me all the cool things she can do (do jumping jacks, flips, “cartwheels” and more). She’s so funny! I decided to dance around with her too. 🙂 Then we played catch with her dog, which Gigi got a kick out of and cracked up every time Toby got the ball. Then she showed me more toys. 😉 I coaxed her to come upstairs so I could show her the bead set I bought for her so we could make bracelets together (she was really interested in a homemade bracelet I had worn to the nursery one day and had told me “We can do this for me *points to bracelet*, and we can do it togeder because we fwends, then be all done, then go….round and round! *I guess this means dance, LOL*” She was just so cute and sweet saying it (I guess the “we can do it together because we are friends” really got me 😉 ) that I just had to get a bracelet kit for her and surprise her. I was a little worried that she may not be interested anymore, but when I pulled it out, she plopped down on the carpet and insisted we do it now. Little Charlie who is around Gigi’s age kept peeking his head in the room and spying on us, and I knew he wanted to play. “Hi! Do you want to make a bracelet with me and Gigi?” …. *nods head* ….”Ok, come over here and I’ll get you started.”

About the time we finished (they both decided to make necklaces instead of bracelets), their mom and dad asked me if I would be comfortable staying alone with the kids for a little while they go on a run around the neighborhood. I said definitely, and I was actually excited because there is something about staying by yourself that makes you feel like more a babysitter, like you got more responsibility. So when they left, I joined the kids upstairs as they poured marbles in some marble thing Fred and his dad built which was fun to watch. After a little bit Fred who is older thought Gigi and Charlie might be hungry, so we went downstairs and responsible little Fred made each of them some fruit with sugar on top. I thought that was so sweet, and he would be a very good babysitter to the two if he was older, but I’m glad he isn’t, because I was having too much of a good time. I broke out the coloring book for Charlie and Gigi, and they enjoyed it. Next I pulled out an animal puppet craft my mom had gotten for me to use for babysitting. They were like paper bags, only not made from paper, more like fabric stuff, and adhesive foam sticker pieces. Fred did it perfectly, Charlie needed a bit of help but was fine, and Gigi was pulling the adhesive off of the stickers helplessly. 😉 We had to brake out the tape for her english bulldog’s ears. I began pulling off the paper and giving the sticker to her, only then she would put the dog’s tongue on it’s head like a ear, or put the eyeball on the stomach like a belly button. 😉 I guess puppets aren’t the easiest craft for such a little girl, but once I gave her the picture and a little direction, she got the hang of it.

As I was cleaning up the snacks and craft, the kids decided they wanted to watch Toy Story 3. Fred knew how to turn on the movie, and Gigi instructed me that I have to go upstairs and get her “stuffed animals and big, big, blankie so we can be very very cozy”. 🙂 We watched the beginning when the parents got home. I was sad because my fun day was coming to an end with the kids and I couldn’t wait to come back next week! 🙂

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