My First Babysitting Job! ~ by Madi

Hi! So, yesterday I had m very first babysitting job! Well, actually a mother’s helper job because the parents were home, off doing their own thing. This day was going to be what you might call a practice for me since it was my very first time with someone other than my own brother. It was for an absolute sweetie named Gigi and her two brothers, Charlie and Fred who were also so cute! Gigi is 3 and very bouncy, and I know her from church as our moms are friends. I’ve been working with her at the nursery, so she’s comfortable with me. I walked in and Gigi, dressed in adorable clothes, was pushing her baby doll in a stroller. I said “Hi!” and she replied “Hi!” and very soon she explained to me that her baby was wearing a dress she had when she was a “little tiny baby”. 😉 After she gave me a complimentary tour of her house, showing me all her favorite secret places to keep her toys and introducing me to her dog Toby, she showed me all the cool things she can do (do jumping jacks, flips, “cartwheels” and more). She’s so funny! I decided to dance around with her too. 🙂 Then we played catch with her dog, which Gigi got a kick out of and cracked up every time Toby got the ball. Then she showed me more toys. 😉 I coaxed her to come upstairs so I could show her the bead set I bought for her so we could make bracelets together (she was really interested in a homemade bracelet I had worn to the nursery one day and had told me “We can do this for me *points to bracelet*, and we can do it togeder because we fwends, then be all done, then go….round and round! *I guess this means dance, LOL*” She was just so cute and sweet saying it (I guess the “we can do it together because we are friends” really got me 😉 ) that I just had to get a bracelet kit for her and surprise her. I was a little worried that she may not be interested anymore, but when I pulled it out, she plopped down on the carpet and insisted we do it now. Little Charlie who is around Gigi’s age kept peeking his head in the room and spying on us, and I knew he wanted to play. “Hi! Do you want to make a bracelet with me and Gigi?” …. *nods head* ….”Ok, come over here and I’ll get you started.”

About the time we finished (they both decided to make necklaces instead of bracelets), their mom and dad asked me if I would be comfortable staying alone with the kids for a little while they go on a run around the neighborhood. I said definitely, and I was actually excited because there is something about staying by yourself that makes you feel like more a babysitter, like you got more responsibility. So when they left, I joined the kids upstairs as they poured marbles in some marble thing Fred and his dad built which was fun to watch. After a little bit Fred who is older thought Gigi and Charlie might be hungry, so we went downstairs and responsible little Fred made each of them some fruit with sugar on top. I thought that was so sweet, and he would be a very good babysitter to the two if he was older, but I’m glad he isn’t, because I was having too much of a good time. I broke out the coloring book for Charlie and Gigi, and they enjoyed it. Next I pulled out an animal puppet craft my mom had gotten for me to use for babysitting. They were like paper bags, only not made from paper, more like fabric stuff, and adhesive foam sticker pieces. Fred did it perfectly, Charlie needed a bit of help but was fine, and Gigi was pulling the adhesive off of the stickers helplessly. 😉 We had to brake out the tape for her english bulldog’s ears. I began pulling off the paper and giving the sticker to her, only then she would put the dog’s tongue on it’s head like a ear, or put the eyeball on the stomach like a belly button. 😉 I guess puppets aren’t the easiest craft for such a little girl, but once I gave her the picture and a little direction, she got the hang of it.

As I was cleaning up the snacks and craft, the kids decided they wanted to watch Toy Story 3. Fred knew how to turn on the movie, and Gigi instructed me that I have to go upstairs and get her “stuffed animals and big, big, blankie so we can be very very cozy”. 🙂 We watched the beginning when the parents got home. I was sad because my fun day was coming to an end with the kids and I couldn’t wait to come back next week! 🙂


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