How to Deal With…. Part 1

She hates me. He won’t stop crying. She’s way too shy. He pooped. She wants food. Here’s your guide of how to deal with Little Miss Tantrum and her friends. 
You babysit 5-year-old Karrie, a cute kindergartener who’s mom is friends with your mom. When Karrie’s mom asks you to babysit, you are excited. Until she leaves and you find out Karrie is a little ball of anger. She acts rude and throws temper tantrums as soon as her mom leaves. And when you say it’s time to clean up her toys, she says she hates you.
How to fix it: There’s no saying Karrie really hates you. It’s clear she has a bad temper, but don’t let that get in the way. Sometimes kids say mean things and act bad to see how you’ll react, not because they mean it. But they’ll usually calm down and do what you ask. Reply calmly, “I’m sorry you feel that way. But you still have to clean up your toys.” What if she replies, “I’m NOT cleaning up my toys, and you can’t make me!” You could say, “I can’t make you, and I’m not going to try. But if you don’t clean up, I won’t have time to read you a story because I’ll be too busy cleaning up your toys. And I’ll have to tell your parents what happened.” You need to show the child that their behavior has consequences. What if she throws a temper tantrum? “I’m NOT cleaning up my toys!!! No! No! No! No! No!” You say: nothing. You don’t want to keep the tantrum going. Stay near her but let her cry. She will eventually start to calm down and do what you ask. Sometimes silence works best. Kids try tantrums to see what you’ll do. But what if you really feel that a child REALLY doesn’t like you? Let the parents know. Say, “I’m sorry, but I don’t think Karrie and I are a good fit.” and explain why you think so. They’ll understand.
*based on “The Babysitter’s Handbook” by Harriet Brown/American Girl. No copyright intended.

Mrs. Gonzalez, a teacher at your school, has asked you to babysit her son Henry, age 2. Henry is sweet and adorable, and you say yes. He’s cheery while his mother is at home, but once she walks out the door, he bursts into tears and won’t stop! What do you do?
How to fix it: Take a deep breath. The tears have nothing to do with you. It’s normal for kids—especially ones five and under—to get upset when their parents leave. With your help, most kids will cheer up pretty quickly once their parents are gone. Here’s what to do: Reassure them…Remind the child that his parents will be back in a little while. He may feel for the first minute or two that his parents will be gone forever. Just hearing the words, “Don’t worry, Mommy and Daddy will come home later” help more than you think. Make up a little song to sing with them “Mommy goes away, mommy comes back! Daddy goes away, daddy comes back!” It can really help. Then…Distract them….Offer a hug or a colorful band-aid…settle the child in your lap with a good kid’s book….put on some music and dance around with the child….offer a small treat like a cookie (with parent’s permission)…ask to see the child’s room or his toys….pull out some toys you brought along, like a stuffed animal or a puppet…ask about pets….put on a video or a television show appropriate for their age….pull out a pack of crayons and color….say, “Whatever you do, don’t smile!” But, What if the crying never stops? You’ve tried EVERYTHING, but the tears keep coming. You’ve checked the diaper, looked for boo-boos, tried to entertain them, fed them if asked….but it’s going nowhere. Babies and toddlers can’t tell you if their sick and in pain. Call the parents right away. No one will get angry. They will understand.
*based on “The Babysitter’s Handbook” by Harriet Brown/American Girl. No copyright intended.


*we, here at BSB, do not own pictures above. no copyright intended. credits go to google.


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