Fun Activities to do with the kids you babysit!

It is around Christmas time and you are about to be off for a winter vacation with your family but you want to do something special with the kids you babysit before you leave. Well here are some great ideas to help you decide what you will do with Kailey, Kiley, and Kelley- the triplets, before you leave!

Make a gingerbread man: Use this print out coloring page and bring crayons and color it in and you could put the gingerbreads in the window or punch a hole at the top and thread a string through and hang it on their Christmas tree!

Apron Fun: Buy some aprons for you and however many children you babysit that are old enough to paint. They should be blank and any color- you can get some at your local craft store. Make sure you have paint, paint brushes, and either newspaper or some old towels to lay up under you (Or just go outside to do this craft)! Show the children how to paint pictures and letters on the apron. When you are done you can add sequins or sparkles on the wet paint. Then lay the out to dry!

Pom-pom Snowmen: *This craft is for ages 5+* What you need:

  • Needle
  • Thread
  • White pom-poms in 2 sizes: 1-1/2 inches and 1 inch
  • Colored felt
  • 1/4-inch jump rings
  • Glue
  • Orange felt
  • Black fabric paint
  • Yarn
  • String

1.For each “snowman”, thread a needle with a 2-foot length of thread, then double it and knot the end. For the snowman’s body and head, pass the needle through the centers of 3 white pom-poms: first a 1-1⁄2-inch pom-pom, then two 1-inch pom-poms.

2.To add a hat, sew through the centers of a 1-1⁄2-inch circle of colored felt and a matching 1-inch pom-pom. Slip the needle through a 1⁄4-inch jump ring (found in the beading aisle of craft stores), then secure the snowman by scrunching the parts together slightly and sewing back through the hat and the head. Tie the thread to itself between the two 1-inch white pom-poms and trim any excess.

3.Glue on a small orange felt triangle for a nose and add dots of black fabric paint for a face and buttons. Finally, tie on a yarn scarf and a loop of string for a hanger. I did not make up this craft. It belongs to

I hope you enjoy these crafts and have fun with the children you babysit! Enjoy!


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